What you will learn in this course

In this dynamic contemporary spirituality course you’ll get revelatory insights into what spirituality is; instructions on how to infuse your life with spirituality without being religious, and  practical ways to develop your spiritual health and wellbeing.



  • How to handle a spiritual awakening within yourself and in your relationships with friends and family.  How to overcome the struggles of the spiritual path (these are natural)
  • Simple ways to reconnect to your inner guidance system so you can navigate the chaos of life while remaining calm, centred, joyous and in control of your life
  • Find out how to trust yourself, remain true to your original spiritual nature and, if you ever feel lost, how to find yourself
  • Discover the junction between the spirit world (acupuncture meridians) and your body (nervous system).
  • Activate the power of your mystical ‘chi organs’ to understand your full potential and to be able to follow your purpose
  • Learn how to open up the cosmic flow which is the purpose of a spiritual practice
  • Connect to your spiritual self and shift your life from ordinary to extraordinary 
  • Reconnect with who you really are, remember your mission and feel inspired to succeed, to act on it. 
  • Free yourself from expectations and become strong, kind, loving, peaceful and independent
  • How to internally generate goodness, kindness and self-love


A guided Vibrant Cosmic Meditation (VCM). You’ll learn how to flood your body with chi, bliss and love. (A technique derived from Sri Bhai Sahib Ji, who ran TM with the Maharishi in the 1960s)

Movement demonstrations - being spiritual requires your body, because this is where you get the internal power to instinctively override self-sabotage and stay on the spiritual track.

Jost's unique physical movements / exercises, developed over 40 years , create the foundation for a spiritual life. And enable your chi to flow to enhance spiritual receptivity.


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What Does it Mean to be Spiritual

    • The Cosmic Dance of Yin and Yang

    • 3. Why Spiritual?

  • 2


    • Spiritual Awakening Part 1

    • Spiritual Awakening - Confusion, other people and your purpose

  • 3


    • Transformational Experiences: The Five Elements

    • Transformational Experiences: Sadness and Anger

    • Transformational Experiences: Fear. Lack of Vitality and Anxiety

  • 4


    • Lungs - Get a Grip on Your Spiritual Life

    • Liver - Be Kind and Happy to Self and Others

    • Spleen - Hunger for Life, How not to take on Bad Energies from other People

    • Heart - Free spirited and loving

    • Kidney - Confident and Powerful to Act on Your Ideas

  • 5


    • How to Wake Up - Get Ready for Spirit

    • Breath Work - Get Mystical

    • Qigong - Become Chi

    • Cosmic Qigong - Meet your Cosmic Self

  • 6


    • Core and stretching routine to connect meridians to the cosmic grid

    • Clear the meridians to let in Cosmic Light via strength training

  • 7


    • I recorded the music in my studio to provide a 'cosmic spiritual sense' to the course

Who it is for

Maybe you have had a spiritual awakening or transcendent experience and want to know what that is and how to integrate that into your daily life and continue your spiritual journey. Or your life feels meaningless, painful or hopeless. Or a traumatic experience, such as a post-addiction recovery strategy, has inspired you to become a better person. Or it’s rational / mystical, as in you know that there is more to life and you know this is the time to find it. If you have been drawn to this course, your spirit is calling you.

About Jost Sauer

Creator of the Chi Cycle Day Plan

Jost Sauer

Born in 1958 in Germany, Jost is an acupuncturist, with 4 decades experience as a therapist. He’s a trailblazer in using traditional Chinese medicine in modern ways. Jost kickstarted a recovery revolution with his ground-breaking rehab programs, and his Chi-Cycle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan. His background includes competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man plus over 40 years of daily exercise, Qi-gong and meditation. Jost has 5 published books on healthy lifestyle and is passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible and empowering people how to make every day medicinal and magical with chi.