What you will learn in this course

Discover the ancient secrets of Chinese medicine for modern times and find out how to take charge of your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. 

It’s all connected, and I’m showing you how to feel that connection and how to step up to the life you want, to have the courage to be the person you want to be, to feel strong and empowered. To find your spiritual side so that you are untouchable.

You’ll learn how to create organ health, the ultimate diet for energy and weight loss, the secrets of sleep, how to have a healthy sex life and great relationships, how to be more real.

This is a fantastic comprehensive resource that you can dip into at any time for any symptom, and for guidance in getting in touch with your spiritual self when things feel overwhelming.

For anyone interested in traditional Chinese medicine, the way it should be taught, this is essential. It’s everything they no longer teach in western courses. All the puzzle pieces are here!

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6 hours of original content, 21 videos, downloadable PDFS, recipes, exercises, Chi-gong demos, non-stop inspiration and motivation!


Discover the real traditional Chinese medicine which is ultimately dedicated to supporting your journey to find your ‘cosmic’ self. You’ll learn who you really are, why it is so important for health and happiness to be reconnected to your spiritual nature, energies and how to clear them, plus meridians, acupuncture and how to tap into cosmic forces to empower your life and follow your destiny.


Health begins with how you start your day. In this snapshot of Jost’s famous chi-cycle day plan, you get the essentials for the ultimate start to the day for self-healing, building energy throughout the day, exercise and breath.



Chinese medicine is all about organs. This section introduces your five major organs, all their attributes and your amazing internal resources. Find out how to create hope, immunity, self-mastery, weight-loss, happiness, willpower, stamina, youthfulness, vitality and more!



Discover the negative emotions of each organ and how to heal that organ to resolve that emotion or symptom. Each video introduces the functionality of a different organ, lifestyle tip for helping it out, and each has tips and a chi-gong that you can do to treat or delete sadness, anxiety, bloating, digestive disorders, anger depression; to undo knots of worry, alleviate unsettled mind or overcome fear.



All your diet questions answered, what to eat, why to eat, where to eat, how to eat. Plus recipes for body, mind and spirit nourishment.

Find Yourself, Heal Yourself, Love Yourself.

This is everything you need to make your life everything you dreamed of. No prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine required. You get access to the content for life

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Meet Your Spiritual Self

    • How To Enter The Cosmic

    • Take Charge of the Cosmic and Master Your Life

  • 2

    Chi Cycle Magic

    • Open The Portal - Lung

    • Breakfast to Sleep - Convert Cosmic Chi into Physical Energy

    • Cosmic Chi, Food and Exercise to Power Your Day

  • 3

    Meet Your Organs

    • Lungs (part 1) - Generating Hope

    • Lung (part 2) - Strong Immunity - Youthfulness

    • Heart - the Four Factors for Emotional Mastery

    • Spleen - Brain Fog, Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Bloating

    • Liver - Don't Worry, Be Happy

    • Kidney - Your Portal to Power

  • 4

    How to Heal Your Organs

    • Heal Your Lungs

    • Heal Your Spleen

    • Heal Your Liver - Depression and Anger

    • Heal Your Liver - Chi Secrets: Digestion - Weight loss --Perfect digestion - No Bloating

    • Heal Your Heart - Chi Secrets of Calm and Strong Spirit

    • Heal Your Kidney - the Mystical organ

  • 5

    Chi Kung - Qigong

    • Posture and Breathing

    • Emotional Clearing - Immunity - Weight Loss

  • 6

    Chinese Dietetics

    • The Food Groups

    • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

    • Recipe idea for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • 'Grains Seeds Proteins Vegetables' PDF

  • 7

    About the Music

    • I recorded the music in my studio to provide a 'cosmic spiritual sense' to the course

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Learn about your Liver Health


Creator of the Chi Cycle Day Plan

Jost Sauer

Born in 1958 in Germany, Jost is an acupuncturist, with 4 decades experience as a therapist. He’s a trailblazer in using traditional Chinese medicine in modern ways. Jost kickstarted a recovery revolution with his ground-breaking rehab programs, and his Chi-Cycle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan. His background includes competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man plus over 40 years of daily exercise, Qi-gong and meditation. Jost has 5 published books on healthy lifestyle and is passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible and empowering people how to make every day medicinal and magical with chi.

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