eHAB is for unapologetic drug-users

Those who don’t consider themselves diseased, and don’t want to be normal or preached to...

Inside you'll find a series of simple and practical strategies for freedom from addiction and spiritual self-growth. You’ll discover why you can’t use your mind to quit drugs, if you could there would be no such thing as addiction, and how to quit using your body instead.

Created by Jost Sauer

Ex-speed addict, dealer and deserter

eHab is the brain child of Jost Sauer, an ex-addict, turned drug-and-alcohol counsellor who became an acupuncturist, lecturer in Chinese medicine, and inventor of a new form of holistic recovery. He has successfully treated thousands of addicts and authored three modern addiction books.

Exclusive Access

to revolutionary recovery insights

You'll learn how to work with what you got right, and ‘how-to’ lessons on diet, nutrition, recipes, exercise, therapy and a replacement lifestyle.

Be blown away with revolutionary recovery insights and practical techniques ranging from phone clearing, to using chi postures to defeat cravings.

You can’t use your mind to quit DRUGS!

If you could there would be no such thing as addiction...

With eHab you'll learn how to quit using that natural functions of your body instead.

What people associate with drugs, doesn’t belong exclusively to drugs. Find out how to get high and make life exciting and extraordinary again without drugs by enrolling to access these exclusive tutorials.

The content and deliverance of the lessons are just superb.

As I progress into the course the information gets deeper yet clearer into the machinations of addiction and a healthy and realistic solution. Thank you for delivering an accurate account of the science and the truth of the process. Your experience as a teacher and guide is highly valued. Thank you"

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