Creator of the Chi Cycle Day Plan

Jost Sauer

Born in 1958 in Germany, Jost is an acupuncturist, with 4 decades experience as a therapist. He’s a trailblazer in using traditional Chinese medicine in modern ways. Jost kickstarted a recovery revolution with his ground-breaking rehab programs, and his Chi-Cycle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan. His background includes competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man plus over 40 years of daily exercise, Qi-gong and meditation. Jost has 5 published books on healthy lifestyle and is passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible and empowering people how to make every day medicinal and magical with chi.

Are you ready to make your immunity great?

In this program you'll discover what immunity is in Chinese medicine, and how to build your immunity with little lifestyle changes 24/7.

The immune system is mysterious. Western medicine understands many of the bits of good immunity, but not how they all fit together. They know there’s a connection between immunity and lifestyle but they are not sure what to do with this, as it can’t be scientifically proven.  Enter Chinese medicine, the masters of the art of living, and a modality that knows how all the puzzle pieces go together, because they’ve been working on it for several thousand years. 

In Chinese medicine everything is connected. Our immune system is not a stand-alone operation, it is connected to all bodily systems (blood, organs, meridians) and if they function well so does our defensive chi, the force that wards off and fights invasion. Immunity is an action, a process.

We build it by how we live and laugh and work and play, and eat, rest, move and get up and start again. Because all of these are connected to building chi and blood and keeping chi flowing along meridians to nourish our organs. These are all also things we can control, which means we can have a direct influence on how good our immunity is. And this program is going to show you how. It's entertaining, informative and surprising. You'll take away a new love and respect for your organs, your body and your immunity! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Immunity Intro - Why this course

    • Why you need this course - Life without sick days

  • 2

    What is Immunity

    • What is Immunity

    • Immunity Armour

    • Healthy Lung and Healthy Kidney

    • The Eight Phases of Immunity

  • 3

    Immunity Mindset

    • Immunity Mindset

    • Immunity Zappers

  • 4

    Supplements and Herbs

    • Supplements

    • Chinese Herbs

  • 5

    The Exercises

    • Chi-Gung

    • Joints, Plank and Standing

  • 6


    • Immunity and Sleep

    • Immunity and Getting Up

    • How To get Up

  • 7


    • Breath Work

    • Breathing - the theory

  • 8

    Eating, Sitting and Flowing

    • Immunity and Eating

    • Immunity and Sitting

    • Immunity and the Spleen

    • Be Mindful

  • 9

    Immunity Energetics

    • Chi and Yin and Yang

    • Immunity and Organs

    • Flow, irritability and Sighing

If you want to know everything from what to eat for immunity to how to sleep for immunity and how to exercise for immunity, as well as the mindset for building immunity, this is the program for you. Jost will show you all of that, plus what supplements and herbal formulas work for immunity, and why and how. If you understand why you make healthy lifestyle moves, you are more likely to get into a healthy lifestyle, and this program will inspire you to take charge and make those changes. Jost is an expert in lifestyle medicine, and has his own modern take on traditional Chinese medicine, plus 40 years of experience as a therapist, so you couldn't get a better guide. Strong immunity is needed now more than ever and you’ll get clarity on immunity and how to build immunity with little lifestyle changes, and of course get an insight into the cosmic context!