The amazing things you will learn

The theoretical component introduces Chinese Medicine secrets to weight loss. 

How to move from calorie counting to an effective new way of losing weight, what I call 'phlegm burning'! 

The underlying common causes of weight gain that are about your lifestyle not your food.

A new insight into leptin resistance, what it means in Chinese medicine and how to naturally increase leptin sensitivity (stop hunger naturally).

The role your organs, especially your Spleen, plays in controlling your weight. And all the things you've never imagined would lead to weight gain - financial worry, dieting, not being true to yourself, disappointment - and how they do.

The progression of weight gain and how to reverse it. The chi flow angle and the perfect storm for weight gain; why you get cravings, why it's natural, and how to easily eliminate them using chi. 

Why following the Chi Cycle creates weight loss (how it clears phlegm). Get an insight into yin and yang, strong chi and all the other tools in your new weight loss kit.

Twelve time-based strategies and actions to lose weight in harmony with the 24 hour cycle of chi. What you can do every two hours that create sustainably slim bodies.

The weight loss foods and Chinese herbal formulas with proven results. The weight-loss breakfast (foundation building), lunch (primary burn zone) and evening meal (yin) that enables weight loss while you sleep. 

The practical component shows breathwork, chi gong and movements I designed specifically to treat all the causes for weight gain covered in section one above. 

PDFs with recipes, foods, herbs and spices.

Who it is for

This course is for those who may have developed the middle-aged spread (its not natural it's a deficiency); who think their metabolism has slowed (it hasn't it's a deficiency) or who have food confusion (not sure what's good for them any more). Or bloating and abdominal distension after eating; and for people wanting to lose weight. And for those who have tried every fad diet and exercise program and got nowhere.

I'm back in teacher mode on this one, as there's fascinating deep info from Chinese medicine to share, so I've created it with animated slides and video demos. It's drawing from 40 years of investigation into diet as an element of therapy. I love cooking, but I make food that tastes great (this is essential for digestion and weight loss) and that is medicinal. I've eaten and not-eaten everything! And I've seen the powerful effect my Chi Cycle lifestyle naturally has on weight. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Chi is the missing link in weight loss

    • Introduction

    • The structure of this course

    • The dynamic underlying weight loss and the role of chi

    • The different types of weight gain

  • 2

    2. Organ health is essential for weight loss

    • Enemies of the Spleen

    • The internal causes of weight gain: an in-depth Chinese medicine explanation

    • The progression of weight gain and how to reverse it

  • 3

    3. Chi Cycle weight loss secrets

    • The dynamic of clearing out Phlegm - natural weight loss

    • Chi Cycle weight loss strategies

  • 4

    4. Weight loss foods and herbs to clear out Phlegm and build Chi

    • Weight loss herbs

    • Weight loss breakfast

    • Weight loss lunch & dinner

  • 5

    SECTION 2: Weight loss exercises

    • Breath Work - burn Phlegm

    • Weight Loss Qigong - processing Phlegm for permanent weight loss

    • Weight loss exercises

    • Strong core for weight loss

  • 6

    SECTION 3: Recipes and Foods

    • Recipes - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - how to prepare and cook

    • Foods - Grain, Seeds, Vegetables, Meat

  • 7

    BONUS: Stretching Video

    • Stretching Sequence

Discover a new way to lose weight and find your true self at the same time!

Your instructor

Creator of the Chi Cycle Day Plan

Jost Sauer

Born in 1958 in Germany, Jost is an acupuncturist, with 4 decades experience as a therapist. He’s a trailblazer in using traditional Chinese medicine in modern ways. Jost kickstarted a recovery revolution with his ground-breaking rehab programs, and his Chi-Cycle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan. His background includes competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man plus over 40 years of daily exercise, Qi-gong and meditation. Jost has 5 published books on healthy lifestyle and is passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible and empowering people how to make every day medicinal and magical with chi.